Subversion lowercase/uppercase commit problem

By trying to follow general code conventions, we ran into a problem with Subversion (SVN). After refactoring a package from its original name ‘aznUtil’ to ‘aznutil’ and comitting, we suddenly had two packages in SVN. Later on we couldn’t even commit anymore, because SVN threw a NullPointer Exception. Trying to resolve the problem with Eclipse by deleting the package and creating a new package, didn’t work. Even deleting the whole project couldn’t restore a working condition of the project.

The final solution without using the Eclipse plugin was quite simple. Using the Repository Browser from Tortoise SVN we directly changed the folder (package) name and committed it. The two versions disappeared and the package name now follows code conventions.


In conclusion, when changing the name of a package, first delete the package and commit. Then create the package with the new name and commit again. The contents of the package should be saved beforehand of course.

Many Thanks to Tobias Lönnies for pointing out the simple solution 🙂