EJB security in a multi tier application

Restricting access to certain operations or resources is a common cross cutting concern in applications effectively running business operations in the real world. This howto deals with this subject in the context of enterprise applications running on a Java application server, precisely an instance of the WildFly 8.2.1 server. The question How can it be … [Read more…]

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How to get JSF 2.2 (Mojarra), CDI (Weld) and @FlowScoped running in a Servlet Container (Jetty/Tomcat)

One major disadvantage when using JSF and CDI in combination is that the @ViewScoped annotation is not working anymore. At least up to JSF 2.1. Additional frameworks like Apache CODI or Seam 3 offered workarounds for this problem. The latest JSF 2.2 corrects this flaw and offers a working version of @ViewScoped out of the … [Read more…]

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